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EDUCATIONAL WINE TOURS tours are dedicated to educating you from the vine to the wine. Our tours focus on learning through hands-on experiences in the vineyards, wineries, tasting rooms, and dining rooms of the California Wine Regions. Using's tour service, you will learn about wines and vines from the experts, from walking through vineyards, comparative tasting, and from trying different food and wine pairings. You will use all of your 5 senses regarding wine -- see, touch, smell, listen, taste -- and at the end of your trip you'll be amazed how much more you understand, appreciate and enjoy wine. There are three levels of tours we are offering: Seeker, Explorer, and Ultimate Adventurer. They are described below. If you have any questions please email us and we will be happy to help you.

Mt. Palomar Winemaker The Seeker Tour is a personalized itinerary that will design specifically for you. It will fit your budget, needs and desires for your wine vacation. We will provide you with recommendations of wineries, lodging, restaurants, and other activities that you can indulge in while there. All you have to do is to fill our wine travel questionnaire and then make your own arrangements at your leisure.

biodynamic growth The Explorer Tour: We will design your wine vacation from the beginning to the end and make all the necessary reservations for you. This tour package can be as laid back or as upscale as you would like. Some great ideas in this package include private tours with the winemaker, a romantic spa getaway for two, an energizing bicycle tour through the vineyards plus much more. We are here to fulfill all your dreams and desires for your wine vacation when you don't have the proper time, energy or know how to do it yourself.

private limo service The Ultimate Adventurer Tour is a first-class, all-inclusive, private tour with Lori Lapides as your guide. You will be treated like royalty! This tour is designed for 4 adults with a minimum of 3 nights. You'll stay in a private multi-million dollar home with amazing views of vineyards. You will have a private limo driver daily, who will take you to wineries which are not known or visited by many. There you will enjoy a private tour and tasting with the winemaker or owner. All your meals and many excursions and surprises are included in this tour!
Your tour guide, virtual or in person, is Lori Lapides, founder of She and her staff are here to help you have the best wine vacation possible. Start by choosing the tour that fits your travel needs. Then fill out the wine travel questionnaire so we can understand your goals, budget and desires. We'll take it from there, and set you up for a great wine adventure that you will never forget! A wine vacation experience; you'll be back for more.   Lori Lapides bio