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March 8, 2010

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Dear Reader,

Hello all you wine lovers!  I know it has been awhile since a blog update has been sent, but we've been busy.  Larry and I both are involved in start up businesses and you know what that means!  Anyways, below we have updated you on the blogs that Larry has written since our last blog update.  In a few weeks I will update you with what I have written.

There is Spring in the air; I hope you can feel it where you are.  The geese are flocking over our house, the buds on our grapevine have just started to pop, our plum tree has white blossoms and the wild turkeys have been strolling the neighborhood.  Spring is always a great time of the year to travel in the wine country.  Things are in bloom; everything seems to be coming alive.  The mustard is all around right now and soon the poppies will be out.  The baby lambs, colts, etc will become visible as you drive through the wine country.  You might come across a little bit of rain, but it isn't very cold in the Spring during the day.

Don't forget our website is designed to help you to plan your own vacation in the California wine countryside.  If you need help or don't have the time to do the research for your trip contact us and our travel consultants will be happy to design a trip just for you.
We hope you enjoy the blog articles.  If you do, you can subscribe on either my blog or on the discussion forum (RSS, at bottom of page).  By doing this you will receive an email with the articles as they are posted.  Happy Reading!

Don't worry, drink happy!

Lori Lapides

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