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Brandon Beginning of harvest '08

Dear Reader,

Can you believe that Harvest '09 is practically over?  We've been talking to Winemaker B about the harvest and we now have 3 interviews with him about Harvest '09 (see below), with more to come.  He is very excited about how it's going.  '09 might be a year that you will want to invest in.

Fall is the best time of the year to go visit the wineries, especially if you want to see a lot of action.  Most of the grapes are in.  The last ones to be picked are usually the Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet and any grapes for late harvest wines.  There is a lot of action at the wineries with the open top fermenters filled with redc grapes waiting for that first fermentation to finish, then the big metal tanks get filled up for the second fermentation.  When that is done the wine barrels get filled up from the tanks.  Lots of great activity happens in the cellars this time of year.  If you go to any winery within the next month you will be in for a treat.  Be sure to ask if you can go around to the crush pad or into the cellar to see the action.  Don't be shy!  If you call ahead you might be able to arrange to help out with the crush in some aspect.

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We have completed, and put up our data on the Temecula region.  If you are ever down in the Los Angeles, Palm Springs or San Diego area it is not far from there.  There are over 35 wineries, good food, lodging and plenty of other things to do while there.  There is good wine in the region and the tasting rooms for the most part are huge.  The weather is pretty hot in the summer and can be pretty cool in the winter.

If you have any type of question about wine and winemaking, please send it to Winemaker B at, as he is more than happy to answer your questions.  Also, if you've had any wine travels, tasting, or pairing experiences that you would like to share, please write about it on our discussion forum or blog It's really so easy to do.  If you're not comfortable writing on our discussion forum just send your article to and we will post it for you.  Reading about your experiences adds to all our knowledge, education, and depth about wine.

Don't worry, drink happy!

Lori Lapides
October 2009


Making White Wine

Last month we talked about harvesting the grapes.  This month we are going to talk about making white wine.

White wine is made from green skinned grapes.  After they are havested, they are then transported with care to the winery as soon as possible.  The grapes are then put into a de-stemmer and are lightly crushed which brings the juice into contact with yeasts on the grape skins, stalks, and seeds.  This mixture is then pressed and the juice gets separated from the skins.  The juice now gets pumped into a very large stainless steel tank called a Vinimatic.  Here it will go through its first fermentation.  This can take anywhere from 5-14 days.  Depending on the grape it either gets moved to another stainless steel tank where it will stay until its ready to be bottled, or, some wines such as chardonnay gets put into oak barrels to finish its fermenting.

Next month - "Making Red Wines"

A man walks into a wine bar and orders five glasses of wine.  The bartender is surprised because the man is alone, but he serves him the five glasses.  The man drinks them one right after the other.  Then he orders four more glasses of wine.  The bartender serves him and the man drinks them right down again.  Then the man orders three glasses and drinks them right down.

Then he orders one glass of wine.  The bartender puts it down in front of him.  And the man stares at the glass trying to focus.

Then he says to the bartender, "Y'know, it'sh a funny t'ing, but the less I drink the drunker I get."

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Wine Quote

Over the wine-dark sea.

Iliad, I. 350


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Ask The Winemaker
Brandon #3
Winemaker B Discusses:

Vineyard Views


Newest Interview:
Woodenhead Vintners,
Hidden Creek Winery, Livermore;
Peachy Canyon Winery, Paso Robles;
Cedar Mountain Winery, Livermore;
Harvest Moon Winery, Santa Rosa;
Mitchell Katz Winery, Livermore;
Benovia Winery,
Santa Rosa;
Dark Star Cellars,
Paso Robles;
Emtu Estate Winery,
Russian River Valley;
Murphy Goode Winery, Healdsburg;

with more to come.