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May 7, 2009

It's Our First Anniversary!

To celebrate we have decided to have a
Haiku Poetry Contest
with the theme
"Wine and Wine Travels".  

There will be prizes including wine, a wine journal, plus more!  There will be three winners.

Cinquain logo

We want to thank Cinquain Cellars for donating a bottle of their "Haiku" blend to the winners!  And also a big thank you to our "celebrity judge" Thea Dwelle.  Thea has lives in San Francisco and has a great insight into wine.  Her blog LusciousLushes's, will give you a sense of her humor, love of wine and great style of writing.

Contest Rules:
A Haiku Poem consists of
1st line = 5 syllables
2nd line = 7 syllables
3rd line = 5 syllables

Haiku example:
the grapes are safe now
no more frost, lots of sunshine
make haste my beauties

Enter as many times as you wish.  Contest ends 5/31/09
Send all entries to

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Met someone on Twitter that has a great website.
Here is one of her recipes that I made using old bananas.

Oatmeal Banana Nut Bread

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Dear Reader,

Last month I said April showers should bring May flowers.  I hope that spring has sprung where you live and that all the beautiful flowers are there to greet you each day.

The grapes in the California vineyards have survived the spring frost.  There were only a couple mornings where there was a slight frost, but the fans went off and all was good.  Now the little grapes can start to grow with the heat of the sun.

We wish all the mothers out there a very happy Mother's Day.  Mother's Day is the perfect time of year to do something "Green" for Mother Earth.  If you are going on a hike, or to a picnic, bring a few extra trash bags and pick up some extra trash.  It's also a great day to get the whole family involved in planting new flowers or trees in your yard.  Whatever your day brings you we hope it puts a smile on your face.

Larry and I have been rather busy this past month  We went to Sonoma for a day, Napa for a couple days, to a winemakers dinner, a couple different wine events/festivals and we even some entertaining at home.  We each have different writing styles, and as it's turning out Larry seems to go more into the detail the wine we tasted and I like to give more of a summary description of what we did during the event.  We hope you enjoy our articles.  If you do you can subscribe on either the blog or on the discussion forum (RSS, at bottom of page) and then you will receive the blogs directly as they are posted.
  Happy Reading!

Don't worry, drink happy!

Lori Lapides


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