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Brandon Beginning of harvest '08

Dear Reader,

We can't believe it, but in May will be one year old!  To help us celebrate our anniversary, we have decided to conduct a Haiku poem competition.  The rules are:
1.  It needs to be 3 lines. 
2.  The first line has 5 sylables, the second has 7 and the third has 5. 
3.  The theme is wine and wine travels.
4.  Have fun and be creative!
5.  This competition will end May 31.
6.  There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.
7.  When submitting your Haiku to please be sure to include your name and email address so we can get in touch with you if you win.
My Haiku example:
'09 Grapes
Spring, bud break is here
Curious about the wine?
Find out in the Fall!

In our June newsletter we will announce the winners and also list all the Haiku's that were submitted.  The first place winner will receive a wine journal, a wine bottle holder and a wine bottle opener.  The second place winner will receive our wine journal and wine bottle holder and the third place winner will receive our wine journal. 

If you've been to our website recently you will notice that we have made some minor changes.  Most of the changes have occurred because we have decided to focus more on Wine Education Through Wine Travels.  After reading your answers from our January survey, a suggestion mentioned more than once was to focus on one thing, and do that one thing well.

Here are the new and improved headers on the homepage:
Specialty Tours right now discusses our itinerary tours.  But next month we will be making a big announcement about our new tour offerings from  
Vintique is our unique boutique.  It's a one-stop shopping where everything is unique and related to the pleasures that go with wine.  For example, there are books on wine and wine travels, decanters and other wine paraphernalia, specialty international foods such as cheeses, olive oils and chocolates, commissioned oil paintings from your wine vacation photos, beautiful blown glass wine stoppers and many other great gift ideas for the wine lover.
Education is where you will find our feature articles (interviews, Q & A with Winemaker B, and recipes with wine pairings).
Wine Region Info has the data we have collected from the different wine regions.  The data that used to be available only to paid members is now open to all readers.  The table entries within each category that have this symbol ** mean that they have extended data from that location. 
Lori's Blog is where Lori writes about her experiences with wine and wine travels.
Forum is our discussion forum for any who wants to write and discuss any wine and wine travel related topics. is a big believer of the positive results of social marketing.  We are on Twitter, Plaxo, Wine and Hospitality Network and Facebook to name a few.  These tools help us to market the website and blog to other wine and travel lovers all around the world.   

We have many new readers and subscribers to our newsletter and website, so below we have a brief tour of the articles, interviews, recipes, that have helped to make what it is today.  We have discontinued the Julius Caesar club for now.  (Current members will have through December '09 to use their free personalized weekend itinerary from us.)
If you have any type of question about wine and winemaking for Winemaker B, please send your email to him at and he will be more than happy to answer it.  Also, if you've had any wine tasting, travels or pairing experiences that you would like to share, please write about it on our discussion forum.  It's really so easy to do (directions below).  Reading about your experiences adds to all our knowledge, education, and depth about wine.

Don't worry, drink happy!™

Lori Lapides
April 2009


How Much Wine to Buy and Serve for That Summer Party?

There are some rules of thumb when it comes to serving alcohol at gatherings.  Below are a couple ideas, but of course, you know your own crowd so just use this as a guideline.

Cocktail Events/Parties - Plan on 1/2 bottle of wine per person per two-hour period. 

Dinner Events/Parties - You should rent glasses if you are having a crowd of over 12.  This way if a glass breaks it won't be one of your good glasses.

For more on this subject go to Lori's Blog. is a website dedicated to help you learn more about wine region traveling through education:  how each wine region is unique and what it has to offer, the art and science of wine making, some FAQ's on wine etiquette, recipes that go great with different wines, plus much, much more.

Our website features:
Education which has the Ask the Winemaker column in which our dedicated consultant, Brandon, answers your questions; Vineyard Views articles where we interview wine industry personalities; and the Food and Wine Pairing Recipes
Wine Region Info area offers you information from wineries and lodging to restaurants, spas and other activities in that wine region.
Specialty Tours is  where you tell us what you want to see and do on your next wine region getaway, and we will plan it for you.
Forum or Blog to write about your wine experiences or read what others wine lovers have to say.

Be part of helping our website get off the ground, it's easy!  All you have to do is to forward this newsletter to as many of your friends and family who you think would enjoy reading and learning more about wine and the experiences that traveling in the different wine regions offer.  We would greatly appreciate it.

We will send you periodic newsletters to update you and keep you informed with our most recent adventures and sippets of what's going on in the wine world.

Check it out at

Wine Quote

"And Noah he often said to his wife
when he sat down to dine,
'I don't care where the water goes
if it doesn't get into the wine'."

G.K. Chesterton(1874-1936)
Wine and Water

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Ask The Winemaker
Brandon #3
Winemaker B Answers:


Vineyard Views
Hidden Creek Winery, Livermore;
Peachy Canyon Winery, Paso Robles;
Cedar Mountain Winery, Livermore;
Harvest Moon Winery, Russian River;
Mitchell Katz Winery, Livermore;
Benovia Winery, Russian River;
Dark Star Cellars,
Paso Robles;
with more to come.