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We have a lot of new things for you on our website.  We have a new interview with Winemaker B, who is in the middle of harvest at Dutton Goldfield Winery.   He talks about the next step for the Chardonnay, and how the red grapes are handled, plus much more.  If you have any questions for Winemaker B, please email him at or post your questions on our blog.  He will get the answers to you as soon as he can.

Yes!  We have our Russian River Valley data up and ready for you to use for you travels to that area.  Go check out our listings of nearly 200 wineries, 170 restaurants, 75 lodging locations plus spas and other activities to do while there.  A new category we've added in this region is a listing of places where you can find good beer selections and microbreweries.

We added a new interview in our Vineyard Views section.  This month it's with Randy Pitts of Harvest Moon Winery in the Russian River Valley.  Randy grew up in the wine industry, thought he would go into the business world, but thank goodness he heard the grapes calling him back home.  We also have two new recipes for you to pair with Randy's wines.

We hope you enjoy all the new information.  If there is anything that you would like to see on our website but don't, please let us know at  We will try to accommodate you.  If you've gone to any wineries this month or have seen Harvest '08 in person, please blog about your experiences.  We would all love to read about it.

What is wine? 
All wine, whether still, sparkling, or fortified, is fermented grape juice.  It may be red, white, or pink (rose).  It could be dry, medium or sweet in style.  It can have an alcohol content of 5.5 to 16 percent.  Sparkling wine is made by trapping the carbon dioxide bubbles in the bottle which then get released upon opening.  If you add brandy to still wine you get fortified wine that can have alcohol levels between 15-22%; these are usually called Ports. is a website dedicated to help you learn more about wine region traveling:  how each wine region is unique and what it has to offer, the art and science of wine making, some FAQ's on wine etiquette, recipes that go great with different wines, plus much, much more.

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The smell of wine, oh how much more delicate, cheerful, gratifying, celestial and delicious it is than that of oil.

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Vineyard Views

Randy Pitts, Harvest Moon Winery
Harvest Moon Winery spoke with Randy Pitts who is the "wine shephard" of Harvest Moon Winery in Santa Rosa.  Randy grew up with vineyards as his backyard playground.  He has incredible energy and love for his wines which should become obvious when you read this interview. | 7784 Turquoise St. | Dublin | CA | 94568