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Wow, it seems like we were just enjoying the Olympics in Beijing and now the kids are back in school and Fall just around the corner.  If you are in tune with the wine industry then you know that September is the kick-off to Harvest at all the wineries in the Northern Hemisphere.  All the winemakers and their staff are working CRAZY long hours.  We're talking 6am to 11pm, and some [seem to] work 24/7 until it starts to slow down.  If you can't get to the wineries in September to see harvest in full gear then you need to plan a trip to check out the vineyards in October.  You will be in for a treat, as you will see some of the most beautiful foliage: from green to orange, reds to yellow.

Brandon, a.k.a. Winemaker B, our consultant winemaker, has come up for air after being nose deep in grapes since Labor Day.  He is nice enough to spend his valuable time with us on the phone to interview him so you can get a feel for what harvest is all about.  We will try and bring this update every couple weeks as he goes through the Harvest.  Go to the Ask the Winemaker column to find Harvest '08 Weeks 1-2, or click down below.  If you have any questions for Brandon please email him at  Also, if you've gone to any wineries this month and have seen Harvest '08 in person, please blog your experiences.  We would all love to read about it.

Our website keeps changing and growing based on your feedback.  On the home page you will notice in the left navigation bar that the different links are now separated and that we've added a link for "newsletter archives".  If you never received or have lost our previous newsletters feel free to click and check them out.  If you aren't receiving our newsletter then all you need to do is to click onto "Sign up for the newsletter" and we will add you to the list.  Also new, if you go into the Wine Region Information section we now have the websites to each of the individual listings as live links, so all you have to do is to click on the link and it will take you right to that company's website.  We also removed the Basic Membership sign in.  We figured out that if YOU need to sign in to read all the articles then the web crawlers also need to sign in and they don't have that capability.  The web crawlers reading our website are very important for us to get higher rankings on Google, Yahoo etc.  So now go and read all of the articles we have.

We really appreciate our Julius Caesar members and are working on some great items that only you will have the ability to read and or do coming soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.  By the way, our promotion to join our Julius Caesar Club and receive a wine opener in addition to everything else expires September 30, 2008.  So come and join, you won't be sorry. is a website dedicated to help you learn more about wine region traveling:  how each wine region is unique and what it has to offer, the art and science of wine making, some FAQ's on wine etiquette, recipes that go great with different wines, plus much, much more.

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Lori Lapides

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Harvest 2008

Weeks 1-2

Vineyard Views Article

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