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Hope you're enjoying your summer.  Do we have a treat for you!  If you haven't checked out our website lately then you will find that we have two new articles.  One is in our "Ask the Winemaker" column and the other is a new interiew in our "Vineyard Views" section.  The question proposed to our winemaker was, How do you pair desserts with dessert wines?  Brandon gives up some great ideas and some of his personal favorite wine and dessert pairings.  (Don't forget you too can ask Brandon any questions you might have about wine and the winemaking process by emailing him at  Also, we interviewed Mitch Katz of Mitchell Katz Winery in Livermore, CA.  Mitch is a young father trying to balance the headaches involved with having a growing winery and event center.  Very good read!  As we do with each interview, we've added two new recipes to go with some wines from Mitchell Katz Winery. 

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Are you enjoying the Summer Olympics?  Larry and I are.  China put on quite an opening ceremony!  We watched it while drinking a great Zinfandel from the Russian River Valley.

Did you know that there are some really nice wines coming out of China?  I researched on Wikipedia and found out that the history of Chinese grape wine dates back more than 4,600 years! 
The remnants of a variety of alcoholic beverages including grape wine, rice wine, mead, and several mixed beverages of these wines were found in two archaeological sites 20 km to the northeast of Rizhao.  Recently, Chinese grape wine has begun appearing on shelves in California and in Western Canada.  While some critics have treated these wines with the same type of disregard with which Chilean and Australian wines were once treated, others have recognized a new frontier with the potential to yield some interesting finds.

In 2006, a U.S. based company, China Silk Wines, began exporting wines to the United States that were made at the Suntime Winery in Northwestern China, near Urumqi in Xinjiang. The Xinjian region is on the same latitude as the Loire region in France and Napa Valley in California.  It is located near the Tian Mountain range and overlooks the Zhungeer plain.

Suntime Winery used a former Kendall Jackson winemaker to blend their wines for the western palate.  They currently have five varietals; Marco Polo White, which is 90% Chardonnay with 10% Riesling; Marco Polo Red, a blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot and 5% Syrah; Dragon's Kiss Riesling, Emperor's Delight Rose and Reserve Cabernet, which is French vanilla oak aged for one year.  Both of the Marco Polo wines were awarded medals in the San Francisco International Wine Competition and the Rose won an award in the Grape Expectations International Wine Competition sponsored by the Dallas Morning News in 2007. is a website dedicated to help you learn more about wine region traveling:  how each wine region is unique and what it has to offer, the art and science of wine making, some FAQ's on wine etiquette, recipes that go great with different wines, plus much, much more.

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Vineyard Views Article

Cedar Mtn Tasting Room spoke with Mitch Katz of Mitchell Katz Winery at Ruby Hills in Livermore, CA.  Mitch fell in love with making non-grape fruit wines in England with his grandfather.  He is a self taught winemaker and you will feel his love and energy for his winery reading this interview.

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