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Dear Reader, is live!  This is my new company. is a website dedicated to help you learn more about wine:  traveling in the different wine regions, wine making, drinking wine, or pairing wine with food.  In addition to the basic information about wineries in the various wine regions, there is information about lodging, dining, spas and other activities.  Moreover, if you become a Julius Caesar Club Member you will find additional information about the all those categories to help you better enjoy your wine tasting experience.  Information such as who is kid-friendly, where you can go with your dog, what wineries offer picnic areas, and what amenities are offered at the different lodging facilities.  (We are having a Launch Special: if you become a Julius Caesar Club Charter Member by September 30, 2008 you will not only receive one FREE 3-day personalized itinerary and a wine tote bag, but you will also receive a wine/beverage opener.)  Click here for more details.  

Other website features include:
Ask the Winemaker in which our dedicated consultant (our son Brandon who is the assistant winemaker at Dutton Goldfield winery) answers your questions.
Vineyard Views where we interview wine industry personalities.
Food and Wine Pairing where we have paired recipes with different wines we have enjoyed. 

To be in the 21st century we have included a blog.  We hope you come here often and write about your wine experiences, whether in a restaurant, at a friend's party or at a winery.  You can also respond to a complete stranger who has posted about their wine experiences.

What makes stand out is our travel planning service for various wine regions.  We will provide personalized itineraries for your wine region adventures, whether for one day, a weekend or even longer.  Answer the Itinerary Questionnaire on the website and we will design a trip just for you.

If you would be so kind to pass this newsletter along to as many of your friends and family who you think would enjoy learning more about wine and the experiences that traveling in the different wine regions offer, we would greatly appreciate it.

We will send you periodic newsletters to update you and keep you informed with our most recent adventures and snippits of what's going on in the wine world.

Check it out at
Don't worry, drink happy!

Lori Lapides

Wine Quote
Wine is proof that G-d loves us and wants us to be happy - Ben Franklin

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 Vineyard Views Article

Hidden Creek spoke with Jim Frost, co-owner and winemaker of Hidden Creek Winery. In discussions at both his winery and the tasting room, he discussed his wine/food upbringing in England (Parsnip wine?!), which wineries/wines/regions have influenced his winemaking, and his goals for Hidden Creek.


Ask The Winemaker Column:

What is ML Fermentation?

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