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What is a fortified wine? Where did they come from?

Fortified wine, like sherry or port, has alcohol added to it during the fermenting process. It usually has between 17-24% alcohol in it. Regular wine has between 8-15% alcohol. Fortified wine was developed during the 16th century because it was sturdy enough to stay drinkable during voyages across the ocean.

• Port was first made in Portugal
• Sherry was first made in Spain
• Madeira is Portugese
• Marsala is Italian

How many wineries should we plan to go to in one day?

How much time should you plan on for each winery?

Should we drive ourselves around the wine regions or rent a limo?

Are there any rules of etiquette that are unique to tasting rooms?

Is it OK to wear perfume or cologne when going wine tasting?

Do white wines come from white grapes, and red wine from red grapes? Is the juice a different color from each grape? What about Rosé?

Why should wine be decanted?

Why do you swirl the wine?

In a tasting room, white wines are usually tasted first, followed by the reds, and finally any dessert wines. Why this order?

What about other items in the tasting room, such as crackers, water and wine buckets? What are they for?

Should you taste all the wines being offered at a tasting room?

What is all the information on the label of the wine bottle?

How should I choose wine at a restaurant?

How should open wine be stored?

How do I ship home the wine that I purchased while traveling?