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Oregon: Have you ever been to Oregon? We have. The deep blue of Crater Lake and the sea blue of the Pacific. The bright fresh green of new pine needles, and the smell of the pine forest. River rafting and skiing. The Shakespeare festival in Ashland, and the Waterfront Park in Portland. Spectacular heights of Mt. Hood down to craggy coastal formations. All this is amazing, and more than enough reason to visit Oregon. So why did they have to plant grapes and start making wonderful wines?

It seems that a few on the lunatic fringe (according to their colleagues) thought they could grow cooler climate grapes in Oregon, in some the southern valleys and in the Willamette Valley further north. Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinto Gris, all first planted in the 1960s. OK, a couple of yawns, a big “So What?” Can do all that elsewhere. Then an Oregon Pinot Noir beat the French Burgandies, winning top honors in France in 1979.

The rest is history, still in the making. Now over 300 wineries take advantage of Oregon’s climate and geology to produce wines that stand up to any other region in the world. Sticking our tongue in cheek (if only to get the last drop of Oregon Pinot Noir), we’d advise not visiting there. Because you won’t like it. Really.

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