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Brandon Lapides is winemaker at Armida Winery in the Russian River Valley wine region.
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Sometimes with wine you feel like a two year old:  all you can do is ask "Why?"  Nothing to be embarrassed about.  Wine is a complicated mix of biology and chemistry, art and magic, earth and individuals.  No one has all the answers.  But some of the questions can be answered.  To do this, we've brought in a winemaker to answer the questions that you send to us.  He also gave us regular updates on harvest activities, that frenetic time when all those factors come together in 80 hour work weeks, where the destinies of the wineries' vintage are determined.  The latest column is below, with previous columns available in the Ask The Winemaker Archive.  

Ask the Winemaker:
Harvest 2009, Final Interview with Winemaker B

Armida Winery

Winemaker B

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